Bat Box 2F (universal)

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Bat Box 2F (universal)

This general purpose Bat Box is ideally suited as an introduction to Bat protection. At the same time it is a readily accepted resting and temporary roost. The textured and spherical interior roof area allows the Bats to hang optimally.

If the Bat Box is not occupied after several years for whatever reason, e.g. due to a non-species-appropriate biotope structure, it can be converted into a Type 2M Bird Nest Box by replacing the front panel.

Providing accommodation for a large number of Bats and offering good value for money, this Bat Box should be an integral part of any measures to protect these animals.

The front panel can be removed for inspection and cleaning.

Siting and positioning:
On the tree-trunk or on buildings

Cleaning and inspection:
Easy Cleaning and inspection due to removeable front panel.

Entrance hole:
Slotted hole


Air-permeable and longlasting SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

Delivery includes:
• Nestbox with removeable front panel
• Galvanized steel hanger - forestry approved
• Aluminium Nail - forestry approved


External Dimensions:
Ø 16 cm

33 cm

approx. 3.8 kg

Peso dell' articolo: 3,80 Kg