Bat Box 2F (with double front panel)

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Bat Box 2F (with double front panel)

with douple front panel

The dimensions are the same as the general purpose Bat Box 2F. This box has a special double front panel, made of long-term resistant, grooved wooden boards, which creates a particularly popular and readily acceptable roost for crevice-inhabiting Bats, for example Nathusius'
Pipistrelle, Daubenton's and Pipistrelle Bats.

As with the 2F general purpose model, the Bat Box can be easily converted into a 2F Bat Box without double front panel or a 2M Nest Box for Birds at any time. The front panel can be removed for inspection and cleaning.

Siting and positioning:
On the tree-trunk or on buildings

Cleaning and inspection:
Easy Cleaning and inspection due to removeable front panel.

Entrance hole:
Slotted hole


Air-permeable and longlasting SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

Delivery includes:
• Nestbox with removeable front panel
• Galvanized steel hanger – forestry approved
• Aluminium Nail – forestry approved


External Dimensions:
Ø 16 cm

33 cm

approx. 4.1 kg

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