Bat Roost 1FQ

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DELIVERY TIME 5 months! Bat Roost 1FQ

Product not available at short notice, delivery time about 5 months!

This is the ideal bat box for all types of bats that inhabit buildings. The bats may use it for roosting, to form a colony or to shelter their young. Inside it has two main areas which can be viewedat any time by removing the front panel. The hole at the bottom provides the entrance and allows droppings to fall out. The box requires no maintenance or cleaning. Bats search for and inhabit spaces which suit their own particular habits and requirements; their differing preferences have been carefullyreflected in the design of this product..

Siting & positioning:
Position 3 metres or higher above the ground in a place where there is clear flight path for bats entering and leaving the box.

Cleaning and inspection:


SCHWEGLER Special Wood Concrete

Delivery includes:
? 1FQ (upper & lower shell) ? Fixing material

light grey

Height: 60 cm, width: 35 cm, depth: 9 cm.

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