Cuppola per riccio con pavimento isolante

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Cuppola per riccio con pavimento isolante

Hedgehog Dome with insulated base

The SCHWEGLER Hedgehog Dome encourages Hedgehogs to settle in ­a particular area and provides year-round shelter, including during the winter months. Detailed instructions are supplied.

Siting: Choose somewhere protected from wind and rain. Try and avoid placing the Dome where the animals have to cross a lawn because these are mainly damp at night.
Nesting material: Ideally fill with hay (supplied with the dome) but alternatively use dry leaves and straw, as well as cut up newspaper and wood shavings.
Material: Insulating SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.
Colour: Brown protective coating for a balanced temperature.
Entrance: 11 x 12 cm.
Internal dimension: Ø 44 cm.
External dimension: Ø 48 cm.
Height: 30.5 cm.
Weight: approx. 17 kg.

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