Düngerstreuer Rondini Toy P 100

Artikelnummer: 5548

Kategorie: Streuwagen

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DESCRIPTION Fertilizer spreader, seeder, salt spreader. Designed for gardens, greenhouses, nurseries and snow-covered roads. Broadcast spreading, by means of a single movement of a lever you can spread left or right side only. Designed for small and medium tractors. CONSTRUCTION FRAME: made of steel tube with three points attachment zero category. HOPPER: WELDLESS SINGLE PIECE cone shaped steel sheet made. TRANSMISSION: by means of grease lubricated bevel gears, made of high quality steel. Transmission ratio 1:1.

Artikelgewicht: 33,00 Kg
Gewicht: 33 kg (Leergewicht)
Maße: 0,80x0,81 (HxB)
Fassungsvolumen: 105 lt
Nutzlast: 135 kg (max)
Streubreite: 2-7 m
Benötigte Kraft: 8 HP
Zapfwelle: 540/1000 U/min