Nido accopiato per ballestruccio 9A

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Nido accopiato per ballestruccio 9A

House Martin Nest No. 9A
for installation under eaves

We supply the wooden parts of Nest No. 9A and the Droppings Board No. 9A in untreated wood. Although not absolutely necessary, it is advisable to coat the multiplex bracket with wood stain or (façade) paint before installing it, to minimise discoloration caused by the weather. Please do not coat the nest dishes, to ensure they remain fully breathable for successful breeding.

Material: Bowl-shaped nest made of air-permeable wood-concrete and a backing board made of exterior grade, formaldehyde-free chipboard to prevent warping.
Double nest: House Martins are very sociable and will more readily use nests that are arranged in pairs. Can be installed in groups to form large colonies.
Siting: Under eaves on the external walls of buildings. House Martins never nest inside buildings. Install on the sheltered side of the building.
Height above ground: Minimum height 2 m.
Period of occupancy (Europe): From middle/end of April to middle/end of September.
Breeding period: Eggs are laid from early?/?middle May until August. The Birds raise one or two broods each year.
Distribution: Europe, North Africa, parts of Asia. In Europe they regularly breed at altitudes up to 2,000 m above sea level.
Cleaning: Can be used for years without cleaning. However, if possible it is advisable to inspect the nests frequently and to clean them if necessary.
Popular sites: Against a light background or wooden boards.
Swallows and Martins tend to return to the same nesting site year after year. Consequently it may take some time before they colonize new areas. ­Once they have chosen a nesting site there are virtually no limits to the size of a colony of House Martin Nests.
Dimensions: W 46 cm x H 11 cm x D 14 cm.
Weight: approx. 2.7 kg.
Includes: Angled board with two nesting bowls.

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