Nido per rondine nr.10B

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Nido per rondine nr.10B - tutto in segatura-cemento-argilla

Barn Swallow Nest No. 10B
Cup-shaped individual nest · DBP (patented)

Barn swallows build their nests inside stables, barns, warehouses, archways and garages. If you see Swallows breeding inside buildings they are very probably Barn Swallows. It is important to ensure that the Birds have constant access during the breeding period (e.g. through a window left ajar, ­ventilation pipe or open stable door). Barn Swallows will return from their winter quarters to nest at the same site each year, and as a rule they will
raise several broods during the course of the summer.

Hand-shaped nest for Barn Swallows completely made of SCHWEGLER wood-concrete. This nesting aid is installed at approx. 1 m spacings.

Material: Complete nest made of SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.
Height above ground: Distance between the top of the nest and the ­ceiling at least 6 cm.
Siting: Inside all types of buildings, hallways, in stables, cattle sheds, barns, wastewater treatment plants, etc. Always ensure a clear approach through open windows and hatches.
Period spent in Central Europe: Arrival end of March to April, departure end of July to beginning of October.
Distribution: Europe, Asia, North Africa, North America. Only small coverage gaps in Europe. Regularly breed up to 1,500 m above sea level.
Breeding period: Egg deposition end of April to mid-July. Regularly two, exceptionally three annual broods.
Cleaning: Not absolutely necessary, but recommended. But this is very easy thanks to the cup shape of the nest.
Dimensions: W 20 x H 10 x D 14 cm.
Weight: approx. 1.1 kg.
Includes: Single nest, screws and plugs.

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