Starling Box 3SV Ų 45mm "Bird of the year 2018"

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Starling Box 3SV Ų 45mm "Bird of the year 2018"

with integrated protection against predators ...

The deeper entrance hole of the 3SV model provides protection from cats and martens and has proved highly effective . The nesting area is easily accessible by removing the front panel, making it easy to inspect and clean.
The box is supplied with a hanger and SCHWEGLER Aluminium Nail.

Siting & positioning:
On trees, pillars or buildings

Cleaning and inspection:
Easy Cleaning and inspection due to removeable front panel.

Entrance hole:
Ų 45 mm

Specially intended for Starlings, although many other species may use it. However, they will be ejected if there are Starlings in the vicinity.

Air-permeable and longlasting SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

Delivery includes:
- Nestbox with removeable front panel
- Galvanized steel hanger - forestry approved
- Aluminium Nail - forestry approved

Classic brown

External dimensions: W 19? x?H 28 x D?23 cm.
Interior nesting chamber: Ų 14 cm.

approx. 4.8 kg

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